Wednesday, 9 May 2012



I thought I'd begin my blog with a description of a day in my life which I'm sure will sound very familiar to other busy parents. Today, Wednesday, a normal school day.. I was woken at 6.30 by my 2 year old son, nicknamed Tigger to describe his bouncy nature and dashed into the shower before I went into him. Dressed myself, Tigger and 11 month old daughter Lolly. Encouraged my 7 year old son (JJ) and 4 year old daughter (Danni) out of their bunk beds and told them to get dressed. Everyone piled downstairs for breakfast.

My sister arrived to drop off my 16 month old nephew who I was looking after today. I got everyone into the car and dropped my 2 older children at school, popped home, changed a nappy, got everyone back in the car and went to toddler group, where I tried to stop Tigger from snatching toys from other toddlers whilst holding Lolly and playing with my nephew. Tigger pushed another child over so we all left in an embarassed cloud of shame. Fed them all then tried to get them all to nap at the same time, with some success- an hour for me to do jobs- clothes washing, tidying, pay some bills, hang on must squeeze in half an hour sit down (me time! Yay!) Then everyone got back into the car to collect JJ and Danni from school. We all went home for tea, my sister arrived to collect my nephew, I tidied up and gave the children their baths, the two youngest went to bed, then I heard the older children read and felt guilty about not having found time to do JJ's homework, again! My husband got home at 7 o'clock, JJ went to bed at 8 and we ate dinner.

And that's it, another day over. Phew!

So thank goodness for me time.... I thought I'd start by sharing some of my recent enjoyable moments! The photo I've chosen for my title is of my kitchen windowsill and is a good demonstration of some of my recent me time. I love flowers so treated myself to the freesias when doing my tesco shop and spent a happy 5 minutes arranging them- they make me feel better every time I look at them or walk into the kitchen and smell them. The kitchen is a good place to have a 'me' space because I do so many of my neverending tasks in there! washing up, preparing meals, loading the washing machine/ dishwasher...

The candles were a longer me time task- I started dabbling with candle making at christmas time and found that I really enjoy it and it turns out to be double the relaxation time because of the pleasure of making them and then the pleasure of lighting them, oh and also there's the pleasure of scouring charity shops and car boot sales for containers to make them in.

And in the planters are lettuces and basil seeds I planted a while back...

All in all I just think it makes such a lovely picture - all arranged prettily on the windowsill - everytime I look at it I feel a sense of calm descending, take a deep breath and feel better able to cope with the next flurry of activity...

Well I think that's a suitable introduction to my life and my need for some me time!

Happy me time!

Sam xx


  1. Gosh Sam, your day sounds hectic! Mine is a little calmer I think cos of the age gap between my older two (9 and 7) and Little B who's 2. I can't imagine having a other baby added into the mix, but I guess you just keep going and know that it does get easier at some point.
    Your kitchen windowsill is pretty indeed, I do love the sight of growing seedlings, so positive and inspiring those little green things!
    Lovely visiting with you
    Much love

    1. Thanks for looking at my blog. Yes I keep telling myself it will get easier - and try to focus on the fun times and lovely moments! I love seedlings too, watching things grow is so satisfying...
      Oh well, back to the chores!
      Sam xx